Overview of Surgery . Transurethral. Medical or Surgical Castration. Learn more about how they work and how they are administered in the accompanying video . Actually you can view castration videos at Malebodymods.com There are some really great ones there, and yes, not fetish, but it shows the procedure.). Educational video for human male castration . This is my first video posted here. Just for some background on myself, I'm in school now working on becoming. Eunuch Surgery Videos Human Castration Video , Castration and Eunuch Elastrator, Eunuch, Eunuch Surgery Videos , Castration and Eunuchs Video. The reasons for castration . involved in the procedure itself. Most notably, bleeding and shock are the biggest risks during the actual procedure,. Human Male Castration Procedures. Castration is the removal of male testes, resulting in sterility, decreased sexual desire and inhibition of secondary sex.

Castration surgery video



Dr Mackie explains his personal Scrotal Castration technique, beginning with preparation for surgery. Here he explains: EPINEPHRINE USAGE TO REDUCE POST. Castration Video - Removal of the balls . Welcome to Cute Dead Guys. Autopsy Procedure on a young Guy - Brain Removal. By Meatpie in forum True Gore Images

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